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DAKS Brochure, Page 8

Overall View of the License Distribution of H&K Weapons

Germany rates third in the world in the distribution of small arms. Thousands of people have been maimed or killed with the weapons exported from Oberndorf. The cooperation with the German government had even worse consequences in the past decades: the Heckler % Koch company became the world’s greatest distributor of licenses (permits to copy) for the G3 rifle.

1) G3 License as property of the nation:

The result of this export policy can’t be beat: Today there are around 10 million G3 rifles in use in wars and civil wars.

Licenses for the assault rifle G3:
Portugal (1961), Pakistan (1963), Sweden (1964), Norway (1967), Iran (1967), Turkey (1967), Saudi-Arabia (1969), France (1970), Thailand (1971), Brazil (around 1976), Greece (1977), Mexico (1979), Myanmar (1981), Philippines and Malaysia; replicas also in Great Britain at times.

2) MP5 License owned by Heckler & Koch

One of the most widely distributed submachine guns in the world is the MP5, developed by Heckler & Koch as part of its weapons family.

Licenses for the submachine gun MP5:
Great Britain (1972), Turkey (1983), Saudi-Arabia (1985), Pakistan (1999 and earlier), Greece, Mexico, Portugal (preliminary production at the beginning of the 90‘s). The MP5 is supposed to be produced illegally in Iran and Myanmar as well.

3) Further H&K Licenses owned by Heckler & Koch:

Licenses for the machine gun HK21:
Greece, Mexico, Portugal, Thailand

License for the machine gun HK23E:

License for the assault rifle HK33:
Thailand, Turkey (1998); also evidence for a license for Greece

License for the assault rifle G36:
Spain (1998)

License for the submachine gunl HK53:
Greece (1990)

License for the pistol P7:
Greece, Pakistan

License for the grenade launcher 40mm:
Italy (Type HK69), Turkey (Type MOD 2000)

Compilation: Jürgen Grässlin

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